Our Mission

Football Academies have a specific importance for Galatasaray Sports Club. Football Academies are the starting point of the football education and football career. Our first mission is training young athletes as physically and morally healthy individuals.

As Galatasaray Çankaya, our priority is to strengthen the psychological side of youth athletes. For this reason, our trainers know that football is a team game with the aim of fun.

With the years of experience, Football besides fun, provides emotional control. In our Academy, the young athletes develop their self-confidence, teamwork consciousness, and communication skills.

Since its establishment, our academy redounded a lot of young athletes to Turkey National Teams.

The mission of Galatasaray Sports Club Çankaya Football Academy and other official football academies is to train moral, creative, tactical, determined, strong, agile, technical, powerful, energetic, and respectful individuals and athletes who are strongly bounded to Fair Play principles.

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